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Park-Hotel Kerpen
Park-Hotel Kerpen
Kerpener Str. 183 · D–50170 Kerpen-Sindorf · Tel. +49 2273 9858-0 ·       
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Whether asian specialties, mediterranean kitchen, substantial, high cuisine or fast food to go. Here you find a variety of restaurants and cuisine you can find around the Park-Hotel. Most of it in walking distance.

Restaurant Pagode (in House)
Asian Specialties

Ristorante La Piazza (3 driving minutes away)
Italian Restaurant at the Michael Schumacher Kart Center

American Sportsbar (3 driving minutes away)
American Diner at the Michael Schumacher Kart Center

Schloß Loersfeld (3 driving minutes away)
Gourmet Restaurant with a Star

Gasthaus Schweitzer (5 walking minutes away)
German Cuisine

Furat Restaurant Döner Treff (2 walking minutes away)
Turkish Bistro with fresh Specialties in a modern ambience

Henry’s Bar & Restaurant (2 walking minutes away)
Bright, Stylish Restaurant with basket furniture and long wood tables which serves international dishes

Mc Donald`s & McCafé (3 walking minutes away)
Burger Fast Food Chain

Subway (1 walking minute away)
Sandwich Fast Food Chain

BUTCHA (15 walking minutes away)
Burger – Steak & Co.

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